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Unemployment Cost Reduction & Claims Supervision

Utilize UNEMPLOYMENT CONSULTANTS, INC.,  from Arlington Heights, Illinois, to help  with unemployment cost reduction and unemployment claims supervision. Our services include education of staff on unemployment laws,  processing of unemployment claims, handling the unemployment hearings, advice on handling the termination of employees,  claims activity reports, verification of benefit charges and  annual contribution rate deteremination.  We also evaluate the payment method of unemployment costs.


At Unemployment Consultants, Inc., we help employers reduce unemployment costs. We do this by training employers on how to hire and fire employees and how to document this process. Also, our staff is able to protest unemployment claims, and represent the employer at unemployment hearings.



A manufacturer saved $349.92  per employee who earns $12,960.00 in 2016.  Total savaings with 275 Employees is $96,228.00

An Auto Dealer saved $246.24 per employee who earns $12,960.00 in 2016.  Total Savings with 78 Employees is $19,225.44.

A Doctors Office  saved $168.48 per employee who earns $12.960.00 in 2016. Total savings with 16 Employees is $2,695.68

A Retail Store saved $765.29 per employee who earns $12,960.00 in 2016.  Total savings  with 33 Employees is $25,254.57.

A Restaurant saved $428.33 per employee who earns $12,960.00 in 2016.   Total savings with 29 Employees is $12,421.57.

A health care Employer saved $194.40 per employee who earns $12,960.00 in 2016. Total savings with 145 Employees is $28,188.00


UNEMPLOYMENT CONSULTANTS, INC.,  is able to audit current tax rates, as assigned by the state agency. We analyze company personnel policies and forms, as they affect unemployment insurance determinitations. We educate supervisors and other designated employees on unemployment insurance issues, including:

• Hiring Practices
• Warning, Suspending, or Discharging Employees
• Voluntary Quit Situations
• Leave of Absence

• Offers of Work Made to Prior Employees
• Cutbacks in Staffing
• Supervisory/Manager Training
• Seasonal Employees




Audit each claim for eligibility, benefit period, benefits paid, and benefit charges to the employer's account.

We investigate, protest, and follow up on all unemployment claims, and represent the employer at all unemployment hearings. We process claims to their final disposition, up to and including the board of review.

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Verify the accuracy of the annual contribution rate as assigned by the state unemployment agency. We audit charge statements issued by the state unemployment agency.



Receive updates on unemployment law changes. Provide claims  activity reports. We conduct periodic visits to review and discuss matters that are pertinent to the proper maintenance of your unemployment program.

Our staff also provides consultation with employers on specific problems to insure that proper documentation is prepared to assist in the disqualification of unemployment insurance benefits.



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