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Since 1990, when Carol Gabrielsen founded Unemployment Consultants, Inc., it has offered personalized unemployment services for every customer. You’ll always have the same staff member from our company on board with you to help with any issues that may come up with unemployment.

Our clients have told us that we offer a great service to each of them and that we do so in an efficient, timely, and economical manner that results in large savings in unemployment costs. We also stay on top of important unemployment news and updates.

When you're in need of a speaker for your next association meeting or someone to train your employer's managers, our professional staff is always available.

People Talking

Carol Gabrielsen, Founder and Owner

Carol launched Unemployment Consultants Inc. (UCI) in 1981 with a dream of helping employers control their unemployment costs. Today, her team continues to make that dream a reality with courteous, professional, personalized service for each and every client. Carol says, "I'm proud of not only what we do to save employers money, but also how we go about it. Authentic, transparent, high touch service that meets clients’ needs." Carol is a recognized expert and speaker on unemployment issues. She has worked with governors and legislators to develop unemployment laws, rules and regulations. She is also the author of "A Manufacturer's Guide to the Illinois Unemployment Laws." Connect with Carol on LinkedIn.

Gregory J. Gabrielsen, Co-Owner

In 1987, Greg began representing employers at unemployment hearings for UCI. Today, he co-owns the company. He proudly serves employers to help reduce their unemployment costs. Greg says, "Our goal is to approach our work with courteous, professional, personalized service for each and every client employer with high turnover rates." Connect with Greg on LinkedIn.

Robert Gabrielsen, Director of Unemployment Hearings

Bob joined UCI in 2000. He prepares employee witnesses for hearings and cross-examines claimants. He also reviews and files appeals to the Board of Review. Bob says, "Our team helps employers control their unemployment costs while striving to provide excellent customer service."

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