Unemployment Services for Employers

At Unemployment Consultants, Inc., our knowledgeable staff can provide a range of services surrounding unemployment issues. These services can include education of your staff on unemployment laws, processing of your unemployment claims, handling unemployment hearings, advice on handling the termination of employees, claims activity reports, verification of benefit charges and determination of your organization’s annual Contribution Rate Determination. We also evaluate the payment method of unemployment costs.

Begin Your Comprehensive Unemployment Program Today

Through our comprehensive onboarding and ongoing services, we’ll strive to reduce the burden of your unemployment costs. In 2021, our clients saved from $12 to $785 per employee who earned $12,960. We specialize in employers with greater than 25-30 employees and high turnover rates throughout the United States. By reducing your unemployment costs, you’ll free up money to invest in your business and your valued employees.

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Onboarding and Ongoing Services for Employers

Through our comprehensive onboarding and ongoing services, we’ll strive to reduce your unemployment costs by addressing all of the elements that determine the outcome of each unemployment case. Unemployment Consultants, Inc. can:

  • Audit and verify your tax rate and benefit charges
  • Evaluate your personnel policies and forms
  • Train your managers
  • Process your claims
  • Represent you at Illinois unemployment hearings
  • Review your method of payment
  • Keep you updated on unemployment law changes and issues

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Determining Your Merit Rating

A merit rating is a score that each state assigns based on your company’s employment stability and employee turnover. This score determines how the state will levy your company’s unemployment taxes. Unemployment Consultants, Inc. will verify your merit rating and your annual Contribution Rate Determination as assigned by the state unemployment agency. We’ll also audit your quarterly charge statements as issued by the state unemployment agency.

Training Your Managers About Unemployment Issues

In addition to evaluating your personnel policies and forms, we’ll train your managers on issues surrounding unemployment. We can provide training for the following:

  • How to implement best hiring practices
  • How to warn, suspend or discharge employees when appropriate
  • How to handle voluntary quit situations, leaves of absence, and cutbacks in staffing
  • How to manage seasonal employees

Supervising Your Unemployment Claims

We’ll audit each unemployment claim for eligibility, benefit period, benefits paid, and benefit charges to your account. We’ll also investigate, protest, and follow up on all your unemployment claims, and represent you at all Illinois unemployment hearings. We’ll handle all calls from the local unemployment office. We process claims to their final disposition, up to and including the Board of Review.

Providing You With Reports and Consultations

We’ll provide you with comprehensive claims activity reports specific to your company and keep you apprised of unemployment law changes. We’ll also conduct periodic visits to review and discuss matters that are pertinent to the proper maintenance of your unemployment program. Our staff also provides consultation on specific problems to ensure that you have the proper documentation that you need.

Reviewing Your Method of Payment

We’ll also review the method of payment for government entities, nonprofit agencies and educational facilities, which have unique needs.

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